William E. Males

Bio: By trade I was a building contractor and when asked what I do I generally reply, "I work with wood." While I've been fairly proficient at the design and fabrication side of the construction business, the logistical side never ceased to be a grievance with all the red tape and regulations exhausting a guy who simply loved doing a good job for a fair wage. I built my reputation on service and quality and more than once sacrificed profit for customer satisfaction, for I’ve learned the Lord loves a man that keeps his word even to his own hurt. However, I've often felt a bit outside the calling God had for me... perhaps as would a Levite who having no earthly inheritance, may have felt when they were forced to wander the land looking for a place to fit in and provide for their family due to the neglect and poverty of God's house at times. Without a doubt one of my greatest pleasures is reasoning the things of God with reasonable people. Don't assume the things I share are intended as dogmatic statements that I am right and everyone else is wrong. I share my thoughts and reasonings simply because I believe them to be true and willingly submit them to the scrutiny of other believers. The contemplations on my blog Gates of the City are the basis for how and why I exercise my faith for taking the stands and positions I do while continuing to labor for the souls of the lost. We must respect the integrity of each other’s positions in faith and labor to understand them if we are to make any headway in coming to a unity of faith, for we all at best only know in part. Stay on fire and unburnable, Live for the Resurrected King!

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